my name is Žiga and I'm a front-end web developer.

I have been working in the web industry for the past years, for the last years as a freelancer.

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My main strengths

  • strong understanding of developing for the web and a careful eye for design,
  • exceptional ability to translate designs into semantic, accessible front-end code,
  • strong understanding of modern web technologies and workflows,
  • strong understanding of mobile and responsive design and development practices,
  • solid understanding of designing in a browser,
  • solid understanding of integration or modification of front-end code with CMSs,
  • solid understanding of SEO,
  • strong understanding and appreciation of colour and typography,
  • ability to work directly with UX/UI and designers to implement designs and provide feedback on design if needed,
  • excellent communication skills,
  • ability to dive in and learn new things to find solutions for technical problems.

Latest work

Widgets showing live NFL statistics

HTML5, CSS3 with responsive design and React. You can see them in action here. Built in cooperation with Sportradar d.o.o.

Portfolio 1 Portfolio 1

My main skills

  • HTML5 (modern markup),
  • CSS3 (modern properties, layout, BEM methodology, web font embedding, SVG, transitions, animations) with CSS pre-processor Sass,
  • JavaScript (object-oriented programming, ECMAScript6 — front-end frameworks e.g. Angular, React and VueJS; backend technology Node.js and framework Express)
  • graphic tools (e.g. Sketch, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator).

Latest work

Mobile application Avanture.net

Built for Android and iOS / UI/UX, HTML5, CSS3.

Portfolio 2 Portfolio 2

Also skilled in

  • Communicating with REST APIs,
  • Git (working with a team of developers, service GitHub & BitBucket),
  • cross-browser compatibility testing (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+),
  • cross-platform compatibility testing (Android, iOS iPhone/iPad) and
  • using frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap or Foundation).

Latest work

Website Butterfly user manual

HTML5, CSS3 with responsive design.

Portfolio 3 Portfolio 3

Magical tools I use on a daily basis

  • CSS pre-processor Sass,
  • package manager npm,
  • debugging tools Chrome DevTools built into Google Chrome,
  • JavaScript task runner Gulp (e.g. watch, live-reload, HTML/CSS validation, CSS/JS minify, Sass, deployment), module builder Webpack,
  • JavaScript and SCSS linters,
  • all running on a small thing called Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, extended to an external 29-inch (ratio 21:9) monitor.

Latest work

Web application for
business proposals

HTML5, CSS3 with responsive design and animations, JavaScript.

Portfolio 4 Portfolio 4

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Please feel free to contact me by any communication channel:

How was this site made?

No website template has been used. I have coded it with modern technologies:

  • HTML5, CSS3 (using Less), jQuery, preloader (plugin imagesLoaded), animations (plugin animateNumber and jQuery Easing),
  • by using responsive design and Bootstrap framework,
  • logo, portfolio and contact icons are used in SVG format,
  • calculation for working periods (the number of years) are calculated automatically,
  • CSS and JavaScript files have been minified,
  • site was checked with PageSpeed Insights,
  • cross-browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+) and cross-platform (Android, iOS iPhone/iPad) compatibility was tested as well.

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Feel free to see the whole project code at the GitHub site.